Highlights of project Lake Grande condo

Lake Grande has been undertaken and developed by MCL Land. They are one of the most reputed developers of Singapore and Malaysia. The developers have huge record of successfully completion of projects and all their projects are developed wonderfully with no compromise in quality. All the units at TheLakeGrande.com.sg are sold in couple of days after the launch. They have also increased the prices twice during that time due to overwhelming response but still doesn’t stop the project from being fully sold out. At the same time the competitors have decrease their price to compete with them.


Some of the key highlights of the project are-

  • It is situated very near to Lakeside MRT station.
  • It has business hub, Residential hub and leisure hub to relax as well.
  • The schools, colleges, hospital and markets are very much near to the place. All the basic facilities help the people to get it immediately and their time is also saved.
  • The lakeside village will also be developed at Lake Grande later on and dining hotel, entertainment clubs and shopping will also be developed in it.
  • The location is situated where there is an easy access to expressway that connects you seamlessly to other parts of Singapore.

Jurong Lake District is also transforming and it would consist of 2 gateways, Jurong Gate away & lake side. It will probably become the largest commercial center in the area. The Jurong Lake city will be formed with the aim of creating community with lot of integrated forces, intelligently developed surroundings and full of innovation.

Jurong gate way will come up with the largest commercial hub of that area and will give you the view of lake. It will come up with entertainment zones, shops, offices, retails, Food Court and other spaces. Many service sectors will also come as large space is allocated for the offices also. As it is somewhat outside the city area many companies will be interested in setting their headquarters here.

Delicious Cuisine near downtown Singapore

Singapore has a rich and varied history of cuisine. Because it was a Seaport many different cultures have contributed to what they eat today. If you are interested in moving to Sturdee Residences in downtown Singapore, you should get acquainted to the types of delicious treats awaiting you.

delicious cuisine near downtown singapore

Top Cuisine

Some of Singapore’s Cuisine was featured on a CNN poll rating their food in the top 50. These were:

  • Hainan chicken rice which is a famous dish all over ethnic restaurants.
  • Chili Crab which is Mud Crab stir fried and mixed with a chili like mixture and tomato sauce. It might sound spicy but it’s more on the mild side.
  • KatongLaksa, the main ingredient in this soup is Laksa noodles or rice vermicelli with coconut milk, Curry, fishcake, Crab among other things.
  • Roti prata is a fried pancake type dish served with vegetable or meat curry. There are other varieties that can be made with other things like chocolate, banana, cheese, red beans or onions.

Singapore Food Festival

If you move to Sturdee Residences, you can partake in the annual Singapore Food Festival that takes place every year. Organized by the Singapore tourism board, it takes place each year from the end of June to the end of July. Living in Singapore during that time is the best of the year. You can take workshops all over the island and try foods that you can only get in Singapore.

Grocery Shopping in Singapore

If cuisine interests you, living in Singapore is for you. There are open condo homes available in the upcoming sturdeeresidence8. There are many grocery stores available within 2kilometers of your new home. It is on a transit line so getting there is no problem commuting to other parts of the island. Grab the ingredient and try one of the top 4 dishes that Singapore has to offer.

The High Park Residence is your Home for life!

In affordable price when you get the best real estate in your pocket then why to wait for? House of your dreams High Park Residences Singapore built by the CEL Development Pvt Ltd is open for sale. Main office in Australia, the CEL have expanded its territory for many countries in Europe and South America. Beside the tall towers are the new Seletar aerospace central region, which will offer jobs to many people and high park residents will be among one. Beside the Seletar aerospace is the Seletar mall and the Greenwich V mall where you all can hop in and eat, sit and enjoy the whole day.

the high park residence is your home for life

In your own cars, you can go to the Thanggam LRT station and the Seletar Expressway. Also you can visit the Compass point shopping mall and the library to read books and novels. In the evening you can visit the Premier movie hall, which takes around 15 mins by car. And many good restaurants have been opened in the Sengkangstreet.

Amenities and Interest

Basketball court, Audio and music room, community hall, skyline view these all you can get only by buying a condo at High Park Residence @ fernvale. There are 51 types of flowers being planted in the garden and two retail shopwhich is located in the compound. There are 8 types of condos available for everyone at an amazing price offer. Ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms you can also book a bungalow which is also present in the premises. 24 hours emergency ambulance is available which is connected to the General and Community hospital located in the Sengkang east road. With over 160 acres and 1400 high park condo made by the CEL Development Pvt Ltd this residence is the second largest in the whole Singapore city. Then what to wait for if you have already made your mind?

The facilities provided atSims Urban Oasis condominium

Sims Urban Oasis, an exciting new condominium located at the junction of Sims Drive and Aljunied Road in Singapore, has wide varieties of amenities and facilities. It features luxurious units provide with all facilities. It has everything from local food stalls to high class restaurants nearby. Even the essential facilities like schools, banks, and shopping malls, and entertainment facilities are all very near with a quick drive. This article speaks about the different facilities of this condominium.

the facilities provided at sims urban oasis

Exciting facilities

This condominium has on-site facilities such as swimming pool, guard services, function room, indoor gym, clubhouse, sports area, tennis court, & BBQ area dining, and surrounding facilities such as transportation, dining, schools, parks & recreation, and shopping & entertainment.

When it comes to eateries and dining, you can find everything from local food stalls to high class restaurants nearby the condominium. When it comes to shopping, you can find small shops to very large shopping malls nearby the condominium.

You can find numerous educational institutions such as James Cook University, Geylang Methodist Primary and Secondary School, MacPherson Primary and Secondary School, Canossa Convent Primary School, Broadrick Secondary School, Kong Hwa Primary School, and Cedar Primary and Secondary School, near the condominium.You can also find various Kindergartens and childcare facilities nearer to the Sims Urban Oasis.

The shopping malls and entertainment centers such as upcoming PayaLebar Square, the brand new Kallang Wave mall, Nex Mega mall, the One KM Mall, Sims Vista Market and Foodcourt, Singapore Expo and Suntec City, are nearby to the condominium.The recreational facilities such as the Geylang East Swimming Center, Singapore Basketball Center, the Geylang Sport and Recreational Center, the Singapore Sports Hub Mall and the Geylang East Public Library are also close to the condominium.

The transportation facilities such as the Aljunied MRT station, the upcoming Mattar MRT station and Sims Place Bus Terminal are very nearer to the condominium.

Enjoy the facilities at convenience

Enjoy a multitude of shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure facilities nearby within short walking distance from the condominium or with a quick drive from the condominium.

The Peak @ Shangri La: The exact location and the facilities provided here discussed

The Peak @ Shangri La is an ideal example of a luxury mixed development in Cambodia. By the joint effort of the Oxley group with the Shangri La group of hotels, mixed development has touched new high in Phnom Penh. Both the companies involved here are world famous brands. The brand recognition which the place gets as a result of this will enable it to attract people not only from all over Cambodia but also form all around the world. There are many other types of conducive factors of course which would make the peak a grand success.

the peak shangri la the exact location and the facilities provided here discussed


The Peak @ Shangri La has been constructed at a very strategic location. This has been done to ensure that the property has the best view and the glamour and style quotient of the area is increased. The Peak is located in a really posh area of the town. It is surrounded by the Embassy and the Aeon Mall as well as the biggest casino of the area, Naga World. The location is such that, it is frequented by most people who either live or are visiting the country of Cambodia. The location is a really popular one.


A very big and swimming pool is present within the residential area of the Peak @ Shangri La facilities. The pool is situated a few floors above the ground and provides a breath taking view of the entire city. Hence one can relax at the pool and enjoy the view. A well-equipped gym is situated adjacent to the pool. An open air lounge type area is present in the complex where the people can gather around, sit and chat throughout the day, especially in the time of evening when the orange glow of the setting sun makes everything look melancholy.

Some best uses of Tabletop Water Purifier

On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize lavish and space-expending full size water coolers, Tabletop Water Purifiers are your best alternative. These new gadgets join most extreme accommodation and moderateness all into one reduced bundle. Table top coolers generally incorporate hot and chilly water Dispenser with two to five gallons of water limit.

some best uses of tabletop water purifier

Cool implement of LED light

Various advantages are connected with the long haul utilization of a Water Purifier. They find themselves able to chill four litters of water for every hour and they have assembled in LED lights for demonstrating water temperature. Their antibacterial assurance and security highlights likewise make them ideal for workplaces and private homes. Ultimately, they have the ability to run quietly without intruding on your home or your office. These advantages settle on them the top decision for fastidious entrepreneurs and mortgage holders.

The combination feature of hot and cold water

A direct pipe-in water dispenser will dependably be the best approach to store cold or hot water without routinely purchasing lavish water bottles. This allocator can give you cleansed, awesome tasting water each time you have to invigorate yourself. So in the event that you don’t believe your city water and you would prefer not to spend an excess of cash on filtered water, table top water coolers will spare you from every one of your stresses.

Easy to clean up the dispenser

A Water Purifier is anything and so easy to clean and to keep up. Here is an orderly guide for cleaning your recently acquired water dispenser. Begin the procedure by setting up a sterilizing arrangement. Include one tablespoon of general family unit fade and blend it with one gallon of water. You can likewise utilize the water and vinegar blend in the event that you would prefer not to utilize solid family unit cleaners for your cooler. It is safe to utilize any of these two disinfectants the length of you keep in mind to painstakingly flush the cooler a while later.

Natural breast enhancement without surgery

Many women around the world are look for different options to get bigger breasts. The trend indicates that they are looking towards methods on how to increase breast size naturally. They want their breasts to look firm and big but do not want to consider the option of surgery which is more expensive and risky. There is also the worry of post-operative pain and complications.

natural breast enhancement without surgery

Ways for getting natural breast lift without surgery

It is quite easy to get bigger breasts if you are disciple and patient to have a different lifestyle and follow certain strict exercise and fitness regime. This will help the pectoral muscles and make them look bigger. With the help of exercises like chest press where you have to lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent. You can use dumbbells and move your hands so that your pectoral muscles get enough exercise. You can do about 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions 3 to 4 times a week.

Using natural herbs for bigger breasts

There are different herbs which help in breast enlargement and are safe for using and are popular. Black Cohosh is one such herb which is very effective and helps as it has made of plant-based estrogens. When this hormone level increases, it augments the breasts. Blessed thistle is also an effective her and has been used since ancient days for lactation and increasing the milk supply. It also helps as a breast enhancer as it acts as hormonal balancer.

Dandelion root helps in cleaning the estrogen receptor sites in turn accentuating the size of the breast. At times these sites get clogged with toxins from the environment and hinder the natural breast enlargement herbs to take effect.

Kingsford Waterbay, Singapore – the condominium that provides everything

Kingsford Waterbay condominium is coming up by the side of the Serangoon River in Upper Serangoon, Singapore. The greatest advantage for the residents of this condominium is that it has easy, quick and comfortable connectivity to all parts of Singapore. There are frequent bus services between Kingsford Waterbay and Hougang MRT Station. The location, reasonable price and the latest facilities make Waterbay one among the best condominiums in Singapore. The residents need not spend too much time for traveling thanks to the efficiently managed public transport system. By making use of the frequent and comfortable bus services, the residents of this place are able to make substantial savings of time as well as money.

kingsford waterbay singapore the condominium that provides everything

A lot of advantages

Kingsford Waterbay apartments will be ready for occupation in December, 2018 and these apartments are offered for sales to local people, PR and foreign nationals. The amazing location, reasonable prices and the great facilities attract a lot of buyers to Kingsford Waterbay condo. The availability of alternate transportation is one of the most outstanding advantage for the residents of this condominium. The lush green surroundings of Kingsford Waterbay makes the place ideal for healthy living and the residents here are assured of fresh, unpolluted air to breathe. The Serangoon River offers the residents the facilities for a variety of water sports like kayaking, fishing and power boating.

The condominium with all facilities

The residents of Kingsford Waterbay can meet all their daily needs inside the condominium so that they need not go out. There are six retail shops inside the condominium and also a childcare centre. Car owners can park their vehicles in the basement carpark. The condominium is provided with a 50m swimming pool, an outdoor fitness centre, a community hall, gym, jogging track, Jacuzzi, barbecue pit and 24-hour security service. The residents will have more facilities for shopping as well as entertainment once the upcoming Market Square becomes operational. There are a number of reputed primary schools and high schools very near to Kingsford Waterbay condominium.

Why you choose City Gate in Singapore for travel?

Latest official statics showed City Gate Singapore is the most impassive tourist sport for visitors. This exclusive oasis of luxury is commercial and residential development which soars high above in the beach road. The city skyline, beyond and tranquil kallang riverside has spectacular views for people. Keypoint is another name and which located between the tranquil riverside and the bustling city. Here is 30 storeys city gate, comprises of 311 residential units, great Condo by Fragrance Group and 188 retail units. The target in the mid of 2018 is reach World Class Land level.

why you choose city gate in singapore for travel

The facility of the City Gate is sun deck, grand pool, pool bar, dining terrace, sandbox playground, hot stone grill, Chill out deck, table tennis, reading rod, outdoor gym, yoga deck, sky gym, children sky play and many more. There are many sectors like banking and finance, several convention centres and much multinational company. This city directly linked with Nicoll Highway MRT station.

Entertainment & Shopping

In world class beauty city international boutiques designer prepare to shop many usable things. With smorgasbord of cuisines, celebrity chef restaurants, some local delights and hippest cafes, nightspots skyline, exclusive bars and night party Singapore city is ready for your entertainment.

Fabulous Facilities

Abundant water features with lush landscaping crate hip modern resort. In grand pool leisurely laps see the sun deck and can enjoy privet moments with spa cove. You can spend quality time in horseshoe bar, hot unique stone grill or Picnic Island with your friends or family.

Amazing Accessibility

For your fast access there is a breeze, city gate, major expressway like Marina Coastal, Nicoll Highway, East coast parkway, Kallang paya lebar. Three levels of exited dining and shopping are waiting for your enjoyment.

Great Investment

If you looking flexibility in City Gate Singapore, choose dual key units. You can feel your own home along with self contained ensuite entrance and own key. All over you can feel the ultimate joy in luxury living.